Thoreau: Multiple Database Search



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What does Thoreau search?

Thoreau does not search the entire library. When the full-text box is checked, Thoreau searches only the EBSCO databases and our ebooks—about half of our total collection.

To search more databases at once, uncheck the full text box. Items with a PDF or HTML full text link are guaranteed to have full text. Otherwise, click the Find@Walden button:

Find@Walden button

This looks for full text in other databases at Walden, like ProQuest, SAGE, ScienceDirect, and others.

Thoreau is incapable of searching the entire library, even when the full text box is unchecked.

If you're doing a comprehensive literature review, search the individual databases relevant to your topic. This will help you cover everything, plus allow you to create more precise searches using database specific limiters and subject terms.