Miki Scholl: Collection Management Librarian

Miki grew up in Japan before coming to the United States as an exchange student in high school. She has a BA from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and an MLS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to coming to Walden, Miki spent many years working as a cataloger for a couple of law schools in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. In her free time, Miki enjoys cooking, watching sports, and spending time with her family and her Doxipoo, Bailey. Her dream is to own a three wheel motorcycle someday.

Emily Adams: Reference Librarian

As a Reference Librarian, Emily Adams enjoys answering reference questions, especially complex reference questions. She has a Masters in Library Science from Indiana University and a B.A. in American Studies from Brigham Young University. Her most vivid childhood memory of a library is of losing a library book and avoiding the library as a consequence. Since then, she has overcome her fear of library fines and worked in libraries shelving books, transferring books to storage, processing interlibrary loan requests, and answering reference questions. A few of her favorite things are rhinos, the color purple, fantasy books, and Polish pottery.

Jon Allinder: Public Policy and Administration Librarian

Jon Allinder currently serves as the Public Policy and Administration Librarian at Walden University. Prior to becoming a librarian, Jon celebrated a sundry and meandering employment history, including working as a house-painter, a tree-trimmer, a child care specialist at a youth shelter, and a barista at a cupcake shop. Jon holds a B.S. in English from St. John's University, as well as a master's degree in Library Science from the University of Wisconsin. As far as "claims to fame" go, Jon has served coffee to both George Stephanopoulos and Fred Savage, though he can't remember who left the larger tip. Jon lives in Minneapolis with his wife, daughter, and a veritable hoard of pets.

Cindy Badilla-Meléndez: Reference Librarian

Cindy Badilla-Meléndez holds a bachelor's degree in Violoncello Performance from the University of Costa Rica and a Masters in Library and Information Science from the Catholic University of America. She worked as a cello teacher at the Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Castella Conservatory in Costa Rica. As a librarian, she has worked in different capacities at universities including the University of Minnesota, the University of North Carolina, and Winona State University. She enjoys kayaking, bicycling, hiking, and foreign films.

Sommer Berg: Undergraduate Outreach Librarian

Prior to working for Walden, Sommer Berg worked as a "Jane of all trades" at Gunflint Lodge (northern Minnesota), a House Manager at a theatre, a circulation assistant at a public library, a campus librarian at a career college, an adjunct professor/reference librarian at St. Cloud State University, and a reference and instruction librarian at Capella University. Sommer earned her BA in English from St. Cloud State University and MS in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from the University of North Texas online program. She expects to complete studies for a Master's in Instructional Design and Technology (Online Learning specialization) in August 2012. Currently she lives in south Minneapolis with her partner, two cats, five chickens, and many plants. Aside from her passion for teaching students new skills, Sommer enjoys traveling, cooking, camping, and brewing beer.

Dan Blewett: Reference Librarian

Dan Blewett is one of the Associate Librarians who works the night and weekend reference desk shifts. He trained at Indiana University, and has worked at Louisiana State University, Johns Hopkins University, Loyola University Chicago, and is currently the Reference Services coordinator at the College of Dupage Library, west of Chicago. A historian at heart, Dan loves the research process and helping students.

Erin Brothen: Education Librarian

Besides assisting the EdS and EdD programs as an Education Librarian, Erin enjoys writing for the library blog, publishing and presenting on library topics, and teaching at residency. She has a Masters in Library and Information Science from Dominican University, and undergraduate degrees in History and Art History from UW-Madison. When not in the library, she spends her time caring for her young family, gardening, fixing up her old house, and teaching Sunday School.

Nykol Eystad: Psychology and Counseling Librarian

Nykol Eystad is the Psychology and Counseling Librarian. Nykol earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota and her master's degree at the University of Pittsburgh. She has been working as a librarian since 2003. Currently, she lives in Minneapolis with her husband and four cats. When not helping students become greater researchers, Nykol enjoys photography, baking, a wide variety of music, and salvaging and reviving odd, old furnishings and other unloved bits and pieces.

Erin Gabrielson: Associate Librarian

Ms. Gabrielson's time with Walden University Library dates back to 2006 when she worked as a graduate student assistant while attending Indiana University to earn her Master's of Library Science. After two years working as a reference and instruction librarian at a public state university, Erin returned to Walden in 2009, this time in the role of Associate Reference Librarian. Erin enjoys working remotely accompanied by her ever helpful cat. When not at her desk, Erin is most likely on a hiking trail!

Meg Holle: Education Librarian

Meg Holle is the Education librarian who covers the PhD, master's, and certificate programs in education. When not helping students with research questions, she strives to make the library website more intuitive and engaging. Because her Master of Library and Information Studies degree from the University of British Columbia isnít nerdy enough, she also enjoys puns, public radio, and long-form improv.

Rebekah Kati: Information Technology Librarian

Rebekah is the Information Technology Librarian. She started work at Walden as a graduate reference assistant in 2007. Rebekah has a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies and History from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Masters of Library Science and a Masters of Information Science from Indiana University. A self-confessed media junkie, Rebekah enjoys video games, books, podcasts, and watches way too much television.

Tom Patterson: Data Librarian

Tom Patterson has been in interlibrary loan and document delivery since 1995, working at the University of Wisconsin and University of Minnesota prior to coming to Walden. He received his PhD in music composition from the U of MN in 2007. In his free time, Tom continues to compose and has scored performance and video pieces for diverse organizations such as the Minnesota Fringe, Square Lake Film Festival, and James Sewell Ballet.

Trish Pierson: Reference Librarian

When not working for Walden as a Reference Librarian, Trish works as a historical researcher for a cultural resources firm, researching the history of structures like historic houses, radar defense stations, and irrigation systems. Her B.A. is a double major in English and history, and she holds masters degrees in English Literature, Writing for Children, and Library Science. She lives in a historic mining town in Montana, and spends her off time writing, hiking, volunteering, and experimenting with a variety of crafty things.

Susan Stekel: Management and Technology Librarian

Susan Stekel is the Management and Technology Librarian. She earned her MA at the University of Connecticut and MSI at the University of Michigan. Her library life includes work as assistant curator of a rare book collection and researcher of foundations and corporations in non profit development. The oldest library document she has ever worked with was a papyrus scroll from 800 A.D. that listed a travel itinerary for merchant s sailing up the coast of the Mediterranean. Now she spends much more time finding peer-reviewed articles published within the last five years of your anticipated graduation date.

LeAnn Suchy: Reference Librarian

LeAnn is a part-time Reference Librarian at Walden where she answers student questions from her couch, and sometimes from the polka-dotted chair. LeAnn also works at a multi-type library system where she does training for librarians and teachers, and previously she has worked as a librarian at a liberal arts college. Next year LeAnn will also add Adjunct Professor to her list of jobs when she'll teach a couple classes at a university in Saint Paul. LeAnn holds a BA in English and a MA in Library and Information Science, and when you don't find her working she's typically reading a lot of books and watching HBO programming like "The Newsroom" and "Game of Thrones."

Kerry Sullivan: Health Sciences Librarian

Kerry Sullivan is the Health Sciences Librarian at Walden University Library. Prior to joining the Walden Library, Kerry served as a clinical librarian for five years at the AHEC Medical Library at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. She also spent seven years working in marketing and public relations before becoming a librarian. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Purdue University and a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina.

Lynn VanLeer: Reference Librarian

Lynn has been with the Walden Library since August of 2010. Prior to that she worked in the Slavic Collection at Indiana University. Other things she's done include: escorted Russian former weapons scientists on U.S. visits, 12 years working in bookstores, title abstractor, tamale kitchen worker, and Americorps volunteer on an alpaca farm. She most recently volunteered her skills to help a used bookstore get organized, and begin marketing using social media. She has a B.A. in Russian Studies from CU Boulder, and a Master's in Library Science from Indiana University.