Local Libraries

Visiting local libraries may be an easy option for accessing materials in print. This page should help you get started exploring local resources.

Finding Local Libraries

The Walden Library maintains a database of academic libraries in the United States. Use the search box to the right to search by state, city or institution. Our database contains links to library information such as circulation policies (see "Using Libraries" below) catalogs and contact information.

You may also want to try some of the library directories available on the web:

  • LibDex - a worldwide directory of library homepages
  • FindLaw and WashLaw both offer directories of U.S. law libraries
  • Hardin MD hosts a directory of U.S. and international medical libraries
  • National libraries of the world and U.S. state libraries
  • Online libraries: many U.S. states offer online access to library databases free to state residents. Select your state from the menu below to check out the online resources available to you.

    Note: While free, these state resources will usually require a login. Frequently, this is a public library card from somewhere in that state. Other sites may ask for your driver's license or state ID number. Look for help links on the individual web pages for more information on how to access these resources.

Using Local Libraries

Be aware that services offered, access to material and general policies will differ from library to library.

Public libraries frequently offer a wide variety of services to the general public and almost always have an open-door policy for all visitors. However, some services may be restricted to residents of the area the library serves or to library card holders. Requirements for obtaining a library card will vary between different library systems, but proof of residency is a common requirement.

Your public library may offer interlibrary loan (ILL) service. ILL allows patrons from one library to request and check out materials from other libraries. Some public library systems have borrowing agreements with academic libraries; enquire at your public library to find out what borrowing opportunities exist in your area. For interlibrary loan through the Walden Library see our Document Delivery Service.

Academic libraries at colleges and universities can be a valuable resource but again may have limits on the services offered. Library facilities may or may not be open to the general public. Borrowing privileges are often restricted to enrolled students, faculty and staff. Some schools may charge fees for library services. Public colleges and universities often strive to provide services to local residents as well as their own students & faculty. Private colleges and universities are free to set their own policies, and can range from being closed to the public to serving any library visitor.

Our library search tool above can help you find information on local library policies. Please respect the rules and policies of any library you visit.

Walden Library Courtesy Card Policy

The Walden Library is happy to provide a letter of introduction to help Walden students attain library cards (called courtesy cards) at local college or university libraries.

The student must be currently enrolled and be in good standing with Walden University. The student must be personally responsible for all fines or fees associated with their relationship with the other library or resulting from their relationship with the other library.

Please check with the library of interest before requesting a letter from Walden University. Not all institutions will allow students from other institutions  to use their facilities or grant card-holding privileges.

The students must provide the Walden Library with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Program of study (e.g., PhD in Psychology, EdD, Master's in Public Health Administration, etc.)
  • Address of the institution, including the name of the person or dept. to whom the letter should be sent.
  • Special instructions (please make this for fall term 2007, the library requires a signed, paper copy on letterhead, etc.)

A pdf copy with a signature by the Walden Library Director will be provided to you via email. You may then print or forward the letter to the appropriate person or department at the library you wish to use.

Because of the licensing agreements for the digital materials used by the Walden Library, the Walden Library does not issue courtesy cards for non-Walden students.