Scope of Library Services Policy

It is our goal to help Walden University students become effective researchers and scholar–practitioners. In keeping with that goal, we are happy to provide personalized help with your library and research related questions.

How the Walden University Library can help

We can:

  • Explain library and research concepts
  • Answer questions about the various tools and resources in the Walden University Library
  • Assist in developing search strategies that will maximize research and provide tips and tools to make your time spent in the databases more productive
  • Get the most out of the full text offerings contained in the Walden databases
  • Assist in obtaining copies of resources that are not available in the Walden databases—whether through the document delivery service, through local libraries, or through commercial resources

Due to the volume of questions we receive daily, complex research questions may take longer to answer than simple questions. However, you will always receive a response from the library within 24 hours, usually with a complete answer to your question.

Where we cannot help:

We cannot analyze an assignment and come up with an appropriate research topic. We can help focus a general topic in a more specific direction, but ultimately choosing a research topic is the responsibility of the student.

We cannot perform database research and provide you with specific articles for use in a class assignment, dissertation, etc. While we can assist in search strategies (e.g., by suggesting search terms), it is the responsibility of the student to perform the research and examine the search results for pertinent articles. 

The library cannot assist with the content of assignments, papers, or dissertations. For assistance with the content and direction of an assignment or paper, we suggest consulting with the course professor or mentor.

The library cannot assist with APA citation. We do not have the expertise to answer APA citation questions; we suggest consulting with the Writing Center about APA.