Print Books

Being entirely online, the Walden Library does not have its own collection of print books. If you need to locate a title that is available in print rather than electronically the following are some options available to you.

Document Delivery Service

It is possible to request photocopies of book chapters or sections via Document Delivery. Due to copyright protections, book sections requested cannot exceed 60 pages or 10% of the total contents of the book. Please see our main page for the Document Delivery Service for complete information.

Google Books

Google Books is a free online tool that can help you find e-books that are freely available on the web and can give you previews of other print books to help you decide what you want to read.

Local Library Collections

Often the fastest and cheapest way to find a print book is to look for it in a local library. The Walden library can help you connect with other libraries. 

WorldCat - is an online tool that can help you find which libraries near you have a particular book. WorldCat searches thousands of library catalogs at once and help you narrow the results to your area.

We also maintain a Local Libraries information page with directory tools and other tips for making the most of collections near you.

And remember, you are invited to contact the library any time you need help finding a source.  We are happy to give you individualized advice and help you explore all possible options for finding your item.