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ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials (Trial ends on May 28, 2015)

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials combines the premier index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion with ATLA's online collection of major religion and theology journals. The ATLA Religion Database includes more than 660,500+ articles from more than 1,776 journals, more than 266,400+ essay citations, and more than 602,500+ book review citations.

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SAGE Video (Trial ends on May 24, 2015)

SAGE Video is a series of online collections developed in partnership with leading academics, societies and practitioners, including many of SAGE’s own authors and academic partners, to deliver cutting-edge pedagogical collections mapped to disciplinary curricular needs within the social sciences. By the end of 2015, each discipline collection will be presented alongside our book and reference collections on SAGE Knowledge. SAGE Video supports use across higher education, from pedagogical needs for undergraduate teaching and learning, through to higher level academic research. SAGE Video combines originally commissioned and produced material with licensed videos and co-productions, to provide a complete disciplinary resource for students, faculty, and researchers.

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What are database trials?

Database trials provide temporary access to new databases so students, faculty, and staff can explore and evaluate their content and functionality.

Your opinion counts! If you try a database, please complete its survey. We rely on your feedback to make purchasing decisions.